Sunday, March 22, 2009

Choose you ski resort wisely!

Over the weekend while at Sunday River I spent a lot of time with friends and talked about some of the similarities and differences between eastern and western skiing. Given that we all tend to go on trips out west each year – to different places, we all have different things about our trips that we like and different reasons for wanting to go to one state versus another. Julie and I like the vibe and feel of Lake Tahoe for its’ skiing culture and laid back atmosphere. That isn’t to say that other western states don’t have terrain and skiing that is as good, but every region has something unique and different to offer. While Julie and I like the laid back home town feel of South Lake Tahoe, other people might like the option of boutique hotels you can find at place like Northstar on the north slope of the basin. And yet regardless of what you are looking for, I’ve come to realize that you just really can’t go wrong with any type of ski trip!

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